creekside: solo cello
Mississippi / Change Records, 2014
Musings, explorations, meditations, ramblings and a spooky folk song on acoustic—and a bit of amplified—cello. Recorded by Mell Dettmer and released by Mississippi Records.
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Film Scores
Sub Rosa 2013
Scores for new and old films by Yasujiro Ozu, Carl Dreyer, Vanessa Renwick, Linas Philips and Britta Johnson. With Jessika Kenney, Stuart Dempster, Dylan Carlson, Tara Jane Oneil and many others. LP and CD
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The Lichens in the Trees
Limited Edition 7" vinyl
Talking Helps Records 2013
Performed by Lori Goldston on amplified cello, Kanako Pooknyw on drums, Karl Blau on bass and Dave Abramson on percussion.
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Lori Goldston, photograph by Kelly O - thumbnail image
Below The Radar’s exclusive download track on The Wire’s online compilation.