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creekside: solo cello
Mississippi / Change Records, 2014

Lori Goldston: Film Scores
Sub Rosa, 2013

The Lichens in the Trees
Lori Goldston, Kanako Pooknyw, Karl Blau and Dave Abramson. Recorded by Mell Dettmer.

Solo Set at What the Heck Fest, opening for Earth
Recorded in Anacortes, Washington July 2010

Solo Set at Nocturnum, opening for Earth
Recorded in Eureka, California April 2010

creekside: solo cello

from creekside: solo cello full length album on LP, CD and download
Mississippi / Change Records, 2014
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Cruel Sister from creekside: solo cello by Lori Goldston

Film Scores Album

from Lori Goldston, Film Scores
full length album
Sub Rosa, 2013
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In Jiro’s Room

Lori Goldston, cello; Philip Gelb, shakuhachi; Greg Campbell, drums and percussion.
From an original live score for Yasujiro Ozu’s Passing Fancy (1933)
Commissioned by John Schaefer and WNYC Radio’s New Sounds Live; Recorded live at Arts›World Financial Center, New York City.

Charismatic Megafauna

from Charismatic Megafauna
Live performance with a documentary by Vanessa Renwick
This track is on Film Scores, Sub Rosa, 2013
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Wolf, Obscured by Snow

Music by Lori Goldston, cello; with Greg Campbell, percussion. Dylan Carlson, electric guitar; Jessika Kenney, voice.

with Of Magic

Sonarchy Radio live broadcast Of Magic
Improvisations by Paul Hoskin (contrabass clarinet), Lori Goldston (cello), Dave Abramson, Greg Campbell and Jaison Scott (drums).

with Mike Gamble

Sonarchy Radio live broadcast with Mike Gamble
Improvisations by Mike Gamble (guitar and percussion); joined by cellist Lori Goldston for the second half.

with However

Sonarchy Radio live broadcast
Improvisations by Lori Goldston (cello), Torben Ulrich (voice and found objects), Jasion Scott (drums) and Angelina Baldoz (trumpet).

with Homler, Dempster, Falconer, Kozawa, Horist

Sonarchy Radio live broadcast
with Anna Homler Susie Kozawa (voice and toys), Stuart Dempster (trombone), Liz Falconer (koto) , Lori Goldston (cello) and Bill Horist (guitar). Presented by Steve Peters.

Bad for Jazz solo performance

Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle, 2012

Bad for Jazz, Solstice Ensemble

with Karl Blau, Dave Abramson, Kanako Pooknyw, Jessika Kenney
The Josephine, Winter Solstice, 2012

Solo at What the Heck Fest

Opening for Earth;
recorded by Kenneth Piekarski in Anacortes, Washington, July 2010

Greg Campbell, Lori Goldston, Dana Reason

Gallery 1412, Seattle, 2012

Track 1

Track 2

with Dana Reason

Sonarchy Radio live broadcast
Improvisations with pianist Dana Reason.

with Jesse Canterbury

Sonarchy Radio with Jesse Canterbury
Compositions by Jesse (clarinets), with Chris Stover (trombone), Lori Goldston (cello) and Tom Baker (guitar).

Share This Place

from Share This Place: Stories and Observations
Mirah and Spectratone International
full length album
2007, K Records



Music by Lori Goldston, Kyle Hanson and Mirah.
Kane Mathis, oud; Jane Hall, percussion; Mirah, vocals; Lori Goldston, cello; Kyle Hanson, accordion

To All We Stretch the Open Arm

from To All We Stretch the Open Arm
Mirah with the Black Cat Orchestra
full length album
2003, Yoyo Recordings
out of print

El Cant Del Ocells

What Keeps Mankind Alive?

Mirah Zeitlyn, voice, guitar; Lori Goldston, cello, guitar; Kyle Hanson, accordion, harmonium; Emily Marsh, drums, percussion, backing vocals; Jeff Teitelbaum, double bass; with Alex Yusimov, spoken part; Don Crevie, horn; Kane Mathis, guitar; Steve Moore, trombone; Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin.
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Long Shadows at Noon

from Long Shadows at Noon
Black Cat Orchestra
full length album
Yoyo Recordings, 2002

Leylim, Leylim

Paso Robles

Don Crevie, horn; Lori Goldston, cello; Scott Granlund, saxophone; Kyle Hanson, accordion; Jessika Kenney, voice; Emily Marsh, drums and percussion; Russ Meltzer, guitar; Jeff Teitelbaum, double bass. With guests Kane Mathis on oud, and Steve Moore on trombone.
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Mysteries Explained

from Mysteries Explained
Black Cat Orchestra
full length album
Irene Records, 2001

Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib with guest vocalist Yankl Falk


Don Crevie, horn; Lori Goldston, cello, guitar; Scott Granlund, saxophones; Jessika Kenney, voice; Kyle Hanson, accordion; Emily Marsh, drums; Russ Meltzer, guitar; Matthew Sperry, double bass; Jeff Teitelbaum, double bass; Joseph Zajonc, drums and percussion. With Robert Jenkins, electric guitar on Chase; Jack (Yankl) Falk, vocals.
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Black Cat Orchestra

from Black Cat Orchestra
self titled album
Irene Records, 1993

Hora De Le Bucui

Fahrende Nacht

Black Cat Orchestra: Don Crevie, horn; Lori Goldston, cello; Scott Granlund, saxophone; Kyle Hanson, accordion; Russ Meltzer, guitar; Jason Munger, bass guitar; Matthew Sperry, double bass; Gina Sala, vocals; Joseph Zajonc, drums and percussion.
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with Broken Water

Broken Water: Seaside and Sedmikrasky

EP, 2012

Seaside & Sedmikrasky

Broken Water is a band from nearby Olympia, Washington.
“Seaside is a 16+ min song featuring our friend Lori Goldston on the cello. After reading the book, In the Realm of the Hungry Ghost by Dr. Gabor Mate, I was inspired and wrote a bassline that hopes to float around the voids of the hungry ghosts in Olympia. On Seaside Abby plays a heavy steady beat and Jon opens the gates to hell with his guitar. We were fortunate enough to have our friend Lori Goldston take the train down from Seattle to Portland to play cello on on this track. Lori channeled lost whales, deep dark undertows of solo guitars and the subtle and not so subtle distortions of reality. She walked into the studio, listened to the song once and nailed it all in one take. THEN she turned around and got back on the train to Seattle.”

Bass Ackwards

From the soundtrack for Linas Phillips feature film

Montana Cityscape

Driving Past Barns

Smoking Pot in a Hotel

Lori Goldston, amplified cello; Tara Jane ONeil, electric guitar

Mark Mitchell: Burial | Performance

Part 1 (47 minutes)

Part 2 (71 minutes)

Lori Goldston, solo cello performance for the opening of Mark Mitchell's “Burial” show at the Frye Art Museum, September 2013. Recorded by Moe Provencher.

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