FILM SCORES: live performance with silent film, recordings for silent film.

Teatro Altrove, Genoa, Italy

in the doorway of Teatro Altrove, Genoa, Italy. Video by Nina Postano

En Cours, Paris

solo amplified cello at En Cours, Paris 2014.

Britta Johnson’s Crashing Waves

Two shipwreck victims spend their days on a deserted shore doing remarkable tasks; are they gods, or have they been driven mad by their predicament?

Britta Johnson’s Waterway

short film by Britta Johnson

Linas Phillips’ Bass Ackwards

Soundtrack for Linas Phillips’ road movie

Lynn Shelton’s Humpday

A quick cameo in the party scene in Lynn Shelton’s narrative feature film

solo show at 2020Cycle

From a solo set at 2020 Cycle

el Pegaso

El Pegaso, documented by Kenneth Piekarski at 2020 Cycle. Angelina Baldoz, bass; Greg Campbell, percussion; Lori Goldston, cello; Jane Hall, percussion; Kyle Hanson, accordion; Tom Yoder, trombone.


spectratone international

Share This Place is a multi-media performance with original live music by Lori Goldston and Kyle Hanson of Spectratone International and Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, and stop motion films by Britta Johnson. Based in part on the writings of the influential French scientist/poet, Jean Henri Fabré , the show explores the tender, dramatic, sordid, tragic and triumphant lives of insects.

spectratone international

Instrumental version of “Love Song of the Fly” from Share This Place, performed live at the Sorrento Hotel, Seattle, 2009. Kane Mathis, oud; Kyle Hanson, accordion; Lori Goldson, cello; Alex Guy, violin; Jane Hall, percussion; Jherek Bischoff, bass.

the Unspeakable

A short film by Clyde Petersen

with Sue Anne Harkey

Sue Anne Harkey & Lori Goldston for Hollow Earth Radio Magma Festival at the Chapel

Brookdale Lodge

Spring 2010
Earth / Wolves in the Throne Room / Lori Goldston Tour
Brookdale Lodge Ghost Tour
Do It For The Girls

Peter Kyle

Solo dance choreographed and performed by Peter Kyle. Music by Lori Goldston, marble sculpture by Venske & Spänle, costume by Garo Sparo, lighting by Andy Dickerson. Performance was recorded on September 29, 2011 at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY.

String: the Final Approach

2011 performance in New York City, with dancer Holley Farmer; choreographed by Peter Kyle

String: Brocade

2011 performance in New York City, with dancer Holley Farmer; choreographed by Peter Kyle


Movement Research showcase at Judson Church, NYC with K.J. Holmes, Luke George, Devika Wickremesinghe and Lori Goldston

Dock Rock

Instead of

Hymn for the Mammoth Tusk

Lori Goldston, Dan Sasaki, Mike Gamble performing Hymn for the Mammoth Tusk at All Rise

Commissioned by All Rise to create “Hymn for the Mammoth Tusk”, a site specific piece with live music and film, realized by Lori Goldston, Clyde Petersen, Corey Brewer, Mike Gamble, Dan Sasaki and Greg Campbell